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Largest Hello Kitty, SANRIO Exhibition

The largest exhibition of its kind in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, not only an attraction to families and the little ones but also to the young-at-heart as they relive their memories while capturing new ones.

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How Do I Prepare My Child For Pre-School When She’s Not Responding To Reading Or Writing

Queenie shares her cutting edge teaching approaches and behaviour management strategies with early childhood educators/teachers all over the world.

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Smooth Morning Routine For School Or Daycare

Why do mornings seem so difficult for working parents especially? Have a read to find out more!

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Handling Toddler Bullies - Taking the ‘play ’ out of playtime

So how do you deal with a toddler bully? Do you scold them? Do you go to their parents and what happens when their parents aren’t willing to believe that their ‘angel’ could possibly be a bully?

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