Becoming parents for the first time is one of the most wonderful and life-changing experiences for couples. As part of an initiative to provide support and antenatal information to new parents, Pantai Hospital Cheras (PHC) organised a “Mom & Dad to Be” event at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The programme featured talks and workshops conducted by specialists in obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics and nutrition to educate and provide comprehensive guidance on what to expect during pregnancy as well as after child birth.

The journey to parenthood is exciting, and there are many things which parents need to prepare prior to welcoming their new born. From ensuring a mother receives proper nutrition during pregnancy to understanding hormonal changes besides preparing for labour, new parents have quite a task ahead of them.

“We live in a digital age whereby information is easily available on a variety of topics, including health. However, this does not necessarily ensure accuracy. The proper thing to do is to consult medical professionals to ensure that the health of both mother and baby are properly assessed and looked after.” - Rachel Yew, Chief Executive Officer of Pantai Hospital Cheras

The event started with a talk by dietitian Indra Balaratnam, the past president of the Malaysian Dietitians’ Association, who spoke on the importance of eating right during pregnancy and how mums need to be aware of their glucose levels especially since hormonal changes in their body may affect their appetites.

Resident Obstetrics and Gynaecologist (O&G) specialist from Pantai Hospital Cheras, Dr. Eee Ching Woo, then took the floor to speak about ensuring the health of mother and child and what can be expected during pregnancy. He also spoke on the type of prenatal vitamins that are suitable and several medicines mums should refrain from using such as antihistamines, which can trigger side effects like dry mouth, dizziness and drowsiness as well as also nasal decongestants, which helps clear a stuffy nose but can also induce side effects like insomnia, vomiting or headaches during pregnancy.

Dr. Eee also shared the vital stages nearing labour such as contractions and rupturing of the amniotic sac as well as the difference between vaginal birth and caesarean delivery.

“Several situations may require a woman to have a caesarean section instead of a normal birth such as delivering twins, or when the baby is not in a heads-down position and is unable to be turned, or even delivery of a large baby by a mum with a small pelvis,”- Dr. Eee

Post-delivery care is just as important for mother and her child. Popular actress and mum of four, Lavin Seow, provided some tips and insights to parents on how to maintain a fit and healthy body after delivery. She shared her personal experience during her pregnancies and delivery of her children and how she got back into shape by practising a healthy lifestyle, exercising and eating well.

This was then followed by a talk on common feeding problems in babies by Dr. Yeoh Seen Hun, a resident Paediatrician specialist from Pantai Hospital Cheras. He said that babies spit up regularly as they tend to swallow air while drinking their milk and the air gets trapped in with the milk.

“When the air comes up, so does some of the milk through their mouth or nose,” he explained.

Another common problem is hiccups in babies under a year old which is usually caused by feeding. Dr. Yeoh assured parents that this is normal and is merely sudden contractions of the diaphragm caused by irritation or stimulation of the muscle.

Pantai Hospital Cheras recently refurbished and upgraded their maternity and paediatric wards with new beds. The new 21-bed maternity ward and 29-bed paediatric ward will support the hospital’s aim to provide better services and more comfort for mothers and babies during their stay.

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