We always wish to go back to our childhood years. Don't you? But due to our hectic lifestyle, we hardly have any time to ourselves nor spending more time with our loved ones. The reason why, in a recent media workshop, IKEA showcased how some of Malaysia's favourite IKEA products can help turn a home into a best possible playground. From having fun with house chores like setting up the dining table to transforming the IKEA LACK side table into a game board - IKEA demonstrated how easy it is for anyone to make room for play at home.

The initiative is supported by findings from the latest IKEA Play Report, which explores the importance of play to children and adults in modern-day life and how we will play in the future.

At IKEA, we take play seriously because it is critical for a better everyday life. We want to encourage all Malaysians to play more at home, which is a space for families to connect and have fun together. When people embrace a playful mindset, chores become easier and they can unwind from the stresses of everyday life, said Gerard Jensen, Deputy Retail Manager IKEA Malaysia.

More information can be obtained at IKEA.my.