There’s no moment that compares to holding your baby for the first time. It’s an experience unlike any other. From changing diapers to bonding with your baby and supporting your partner. All these new-to-do things are what all new dads go through. Here we have dads who shared their experiences on their first three months’ journey of becoming a ‘FATHER’!


Murali "Moots' Marimuthu, 40, Kuala Lumpur

Daddy to: 6 months old Caela Rae Marimuthu

Fatherhood has been a blessing from the moment I first laid eyes on baby Caela. Diaper changes and high pitched singing all came naturally, which as they say is all instinct kicking in when you have a child. I am also blessed to have such a hands-on mummy like Vanessa with no confinement lady or additional help from day one and it was all just the two of us who wanted to be fully involved in taking care of baby Caela.


Danial Shah, 33, Kuala Lumpur

Daddy to: 5 months old Maryam Danialla

The only thing I found to be hard was not knowing why the baby was screaming or crying about. And she is a screamer! Other than keeping me occupied after work and during the early mornings for milk and playtime at 5 am. It was all good. 


Rasyeeq Amzari, 27, Seri Kembangan

Daddy to: 6 months old Ayden Qaiser

The first few months with a baby was like a whole new world- a huge change from our previous lifestyle. We didn't have enough sleep and hardly any meals together as we took shifts in eating to ensure baby is safe. But it feels so great to see him grow and to see him laugh. All the stress at work just melts away whenever I see him.


Khairul Adzweri Rosle, 35, Kuala Lumpur
Daddy to: 12 months old Khairul Arri Zain

My wife kept reminding me to be gentle with the baby. I think I couldn't wait to get rough with my boy. If possible, we'd play sports together but wife forbids. The first 3 months was a life changer. From not knowing what to do, when it's time for a diaper change till now fast forward, I could probably do it with my eyes closed. Most of the time it's because I'm still asleep. Do not take your sleep for granted. It's a gift. Use it. Embrace it. Take it to dinner and a movie after. Sleep is your best friend. Sigh, I miss it.



Wong Seng Kit, 40, Kuala Lumpur

Daddy to: 4 months old Wong Qian Yun

My little girl gives me new surprises and each moment is an unforgettable fatherhood journey. I have became used to her drinking milk pattern as she always spills even after burping. Sometimes I need to change my clothes that’s wet with milk all over. Not only that, I would be wet and smelly because of her poop too. She will give me that happy smiling look for her diaper to be changed.


Lim Chong Teck, 32, Klang

Daddy to: 21 months old Elva Lim

Being a new daddy is an exciting experience with many memories to cherish. There’s a first time for so many things. My first diaper change, her first milk vomit (which was all over my shirt), and the first of many sleepless nights. Seeing my daughter’s first smile, her first laugh, her first tooth, the joy when she turned over on her own for the first time and when she, for the first time, calls out to me, da-da. It’s all worth it!


Irwan Shahrizal, 40, Kuala Lumpur

Daddy to: 36 & 11 months old Rayyan & Isa

The first three months I was still kicking myself hard on the fact that: If I was a smarter kid back in the day, I would have ventured into the business of baby diapers. I would have become a billionaire by now, beating Elon Musk by a mile. Kudos to the creator of diapers! You, intelligent man!

Realistically, in those 3 months, I've never felt manlier. I learned that by being selfless and to sacrifice for another being was an instant meaningful act. It also made me realised, why our parents gave so much without hesitation. It was love.



Izzuddin Mohamed Shariff, 30, Kuala Lumpur

Daddy to: 16 months old Dina Jaslyn

Knowing she depended on me helped me embrace the responsibility as a father. The first 3 months was a fun journey as part of discovering parenthood. It helped uncover many surprises like how pee isn’t the only thing that could fly! You also learn to be a ninja who tiptoes around the room so that you won’t wake the baby. But the best part is just how you feel after a long day at work and seeing your daughter smile. Yes, you sleep somewhat less and have less time on your hands but nothing fantastic comes without challenges!


Michael Joseph, 36, Kuala Lumpur
Daddy to: 29 months old Cedric and 6 months old Clarissa

The first time I held my son in my arms was the most priceless moments in my life. I never believed in what I was looking at. Yes, my own flesh and blood, the joy was an out of the world experience! Two years later, we’ve got another beautiful daughter. I started to come back home early from work just to snuggle and cuddle them. I used to carry them in a sling carrier made of ‘sarong’ and walked around the house. It was just one of the trick I invented to help them sleep easier. Seeing their cute faces calms and gives me inner peace and strength to conquer yet another day! Fatherhood is totally enjoyable and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


Low Thim Weng, 31, Puchong

Daddy to: 31 months old Karlson & one-month-old Kasper


I was very nervous and excited when I knew I will become a dad. There is no greater feeling on earth than being a dad. For the first 3 months, I’m joyful to see my cute son and still can’t believe I’m a dad! Every night consists of dealing a crying baby, diaper changing and all other chores that come along, but surprisingly knowledge comes naturally. Life totally changed for good and when I recalled the labour pain endured by my wife and seeing my two cute sons, I realised I love being a DAD. I find parenting extremely fulfilling and rewarding!