Being a new mum in this new era may vary from our grandmother’s time. We are lucky to have numerous workshops and bootcamps to better prep ourselves for one of the hardest jobs in the world- being a parent.

On the 8th of July 2018, Parenthood in collaboration with Spectra and Sunway Medical Centre organized a Millennial Motherhood Workshop with up to 200 people in attendance. The workshop mostly caters to first-time pregnant mummies and their hubbies, with topics that touch on breastfeeding, changes in pregnancy, expectations in the labour room, as well as post-natal care.

The workshop started off with a talk from Senior State Registered Nurse, Goh Li Cheng from Sunway Medical Centre who spoke on the topic of ‘Breastfeeding 101’. The topic covered a number of frequently asked questions including, ‘how to latch baby the right way?’, ‘how can we maintain a good supply?’ as well as breastfeeding tips after going back to work.

One of the highlights of the event, was when Malaysian songstress and mummy of two, Jaclyn Victor made an appearance during the testimonial sharing session together with lactation educator Ms Elpeni Binti Ramli. Jaclyn excitedly shared her experience going through her breastfeeding journey, although it wasn’t all smooth, she definitely learnt a lot and did much better second time around. She also shared on her favourite breastpump, which was the Spectra S1 Plus, a hospital grade pump that really helped her a lot during her breastfeeding journey.


Following the Breastfeeding Sharing Session, participants then had the chance to win themselves a breast pump from Spectra through a lighthearted game involving both mummy and daddy. Two Spectra breast pumps were up for grabs during two rounds of challenge, where mum had to memorize a list of instructions while dad, carried the instructions out.

After a fun little break, it was back to all seriousness with a short talk from CryoCord’s team leader, Mr Ryan Ho who talked about Cord Blood Banking. The premier stem cell bank promises premium quality service in the long-term stem cell cryopreservation and explains how preserving stem cells from your baby’s umbilical cord might one day save your loved one’s life from certain illnesses.

After a scrumptious lunch and some time to explore the booths of participating brands, taking centre stage was Dr Kannappan Palaniappan, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist of Sunway Medical Centre who enlightened us on the topic of ‘Changes during pregnancy’ dedicated to first-time mums-to-be that are in their early stage of pregnancy. The focus was then pushed towards daddies as Dr Kannappan explained on ‘What to Expect in the Labour Room’. He explained how daddies can help during this time and what both parties can expect during this crucial time.

Post- natal care is a vital step to rejuvenating one’s health physically and mentally as well. Many new mummies tend to forget about taking care of themselves when they have a newborn, which is why post-natal care was also one of the big topics during the Millennial Motherhood Workshop. The stage was graced by Pn. Faridah Ahmad Fadzil, Research & Development Director of Tanamera Group who shared on the different ways to take care of yourself after giving birth.

With all seriousness aside, participants also had a laugh during the Daddies Diaper Changing Challenge, where dads-to-be were put to the test in changing as many diapers as they could. They even had Kao Merries mascot present during the challenge to cheer them on!

Lastly, of course, our workshops won’t be complete without some prizes to be given out during the lucky draw session. Parents were at the edge of their seats as Mr. Ken Foo, Marketing Director of Spectra Malaysia announced the winners for some amazing prizes including a Looping Squizz2 Stroller worth RM1500, a UPang UV Sterilizer worth RM1399 and a Swandoo Car Seat worth a whopping RM1999!

A great big thank you to all our participants who made it to the event and a heartfelt thank you to all our sponsors as well as co-sponsors; Bio-Oil, CryoCord, Tanamera and Koa Merries for making the Millennial Motherhood workshop a successful event.

Parenthood will be having more events soon, so remember to have a lookout and follow us on our Facebook page, or visit our website, for more info.