Nestlé NANKID® OPTIPRO®, recently organised a parenting dialogue called The science of mother. The dialogue was attended by leading healthcare professionals, social media opinion leaders and a roomful of mothers to uncover the distinctions which make motherhood and giving your child the best start in life an exceptional and inspirational experience. The panelist included radio celebrity and consultant clinical psychologist, Paul Jambunathan, Monash University, leading consultant general and developmental paediatrician, Dr Rajini A/P Sarvananthan, ParkCity Medical Centre and renowned chief dietitian, Mary Easaw, Institut Jantung Negara.


Issues discussed at The Science of Mother include:

  • Managing tantrums and instilling good behaviour - how to deal, where to start and everything in between!
  • Being independent: tips in raising independent kids
  • Fostering Good Eating and Right Nutritional Habits

Nestlé NANKID® OPTIPRO® also took the opportunity to launch their newly reimagined packaging at the event which witnessed about 100 mums in attendance.


For more information on the NANKID® The science of mother and parenting topics raised during the dialogue, please visit the Nestlé Start Well Stay Well website -