Are you wondering what to do for a memorable date night with your spouse? Here’s a list of unique date ideas that you should totally do this year for an unforgettable experience. 

1. Dinner @ Dining In The Dark KL

This dinner date is unlike your usual ones. As its name shows, the restaurant has patrons dining in the dark! Without sight, eating becomes a new experience as it enhances your other senses such as hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling. 

2. Fire Fly Watching @ Kuala Selangor

Take a break from the concrete jungle and escape to the smaller town of Kuala Selangor where fireflies roam at night. The quiet, undisturbed silence coupled with the calm boat ride around the river is a good time to appreciate and embrace each other’s presence.

3. One-of-a-kind Movie Experience @ TGV INDULGE 

Watching a movie in TGV’s INDULGE hall is unlike any other movie experience you’ve ever had. They have dine-in gourmet food freshly prepared by chefs and served to you and your date while you enjoy the movie. INDULGE will be preparing an exclusive 5-course-meal for two along with 2 movie tickets for only RM180! And this exclusive promo is only available on 14th February at TGV One Utama and the brand new TGV Sunway Velocity.

4. Art Gallery Hopping

Visiting art galleries are not the usual things people do, and that’s what makes it much more special. The National Visual Art Gallery boasts variety of arts as they often host different artists and brands in their space, both temporarily and permanently.