When was the last time you repainted the walls in your kid’s room or even thought about doing a makeover to the space where your child spends the most time in? Being a parent is hard work, and we don’t blame you if haven’t thought about it for the past few years now!

We believe that a child’s little nook should be a reflection of their personality, so if your child’s bedroom or little space is still the boring baby blue or pink, then it’s time to think about a repaint and a makeover. You’ll be surprised at how happy a child can be with just a little injection of their favourite colour or character. So let’s take a look at some of Nippon Paint’s Top Kids Rooms 2018/19 for some inspiration to get you going for your child’s room.


You may not think it, but play is utterly important to a child’s development especially at the early stages of life where a child develops their motor skills as well as cognitive and emotional strength. This playroom uses the concept of wall art with a space theme, taking you into a whole new world of its own. The soft grey and pink gives the room a sense of calmness and balances out the entire room.

Did you know?

Children especially toddlers touches the walls when they play, crawl or walk. It is essential to get walls protected and free from gems like H1N1 and HFMD.

Boy’s Room

This little boy loves his prehistoric animals, and that’s what inspired his room to be filled with dinosaur designs on his wall. Besides taking a favourite character as the theme of the room, the designers also segmented the room to give him a place to explore his creativity and imagination. The striking colours also makes the room come alive and look brighter, which gives it a fun feel- don’t you think?


Let your child express their creativity with an easy to clean wall. Use Nippon Paint Satin Glo chalkboard paint! It is just like normal paint, but works like a chalkboard.

Girl's Room

Do the snowflakes on the feature wall remind you of a certain movie? That’s right!-This little girl loves the movie Frozen. Taking inspiration from an ice castle, the designers wanted to make her feel like she was a princess herself. Staying away from the overly feminine and common princess elements(because this little princess has a blue-belt in Tae Kwon Do too!), the colours on the different walls, segment the room into a bedroom, creative space and study space creating a bright and happy area that is personalized to this little girl’s character.


Turn your ordinary walls into extraordinary masterpieces with Nippon Paint Momento. The special effect makes it great for feature walls. Just look at the snowy effect in this room!


Study Room

A reading or study space is important for the development of a growing child especially in this digital-first era. You may even want to make this room a gadget-free zone too.

If you have a boy and a girl, then this space should definitely inspire you!

Taking inspiration from the hilly mountains and hilltops, the rooms exudes a sense of calmness to balance out the function of the room while making both children happy with their favourite colours. The hilly mountains in a way also symbolize the journey and determination in achieving their dream through knowledge and education, which may be challenging, yet achievable.



Give your old wood or metal furniture a new look with Hydro Finish. It comes in a variety of colours, and most importantly is water-based and environmentally friendly!



Co-sleeping is a common thing here in Malaysia, but that shouldn’t stop you in designing a space just for your little one. Without skewing to a design that is too childish or to mature, the designers here chose to combine wall art with a more mature colour. The concept segments the room between adult and child, yet feels whole like a loving family. The ocean waves and sail boats designs are also thought thoroughly. The waves symbolize the calming rocking motion just like a child being rocked to sleep by his loving parents. The sailboat on the other hand, symbolizes a child’s life and dreams, through the bad times and good times- accompanied by everlasting love throughout his growing years.

Did you know?

Infants are especially sensitive to chemicals and allergens in the air. Since most of their time is spent at home, indoor air quality is of utmost importance. Refresh indoor air with Odour-less AirCare that absorbs harmful formaldehyde and pollutants.

The Child Wellness Range is a range of functional coatings that enable clean air, safe touch and promote creativity for a Safer and Better Learning Environment. Its paint solutions are water-based, lead and mercury free with low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) as well as Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC) emissions, which is safe for the environment as well as indoor spaces. Decorate your kid's room with Child Wellness Range today!